Saturday, January 29, 2022

About North Kissimmee Christian School

Our prayer s that our children will see the teachers, administration and parents at North Kissimmee Christian School working in unity focused on God's commandments and values as we impress those upon their hearts. As a spiritually maturing, well-qualified staff strives to give the best possible education to our children, we will always be seeking His will and direction to develp NKCS into the best that we can be for the Lord.

Working cooperatively, as we start this Spirit-led adventure of educating your child in a Christian school setting, we covet your daily prayers for your child, his/her teacher, administration, support staff, and school board. Without the power of prayer reaching up to the Almighty God of the universe, we cannot make a God sized difference, but with prayer and by the Grace of God, we can deliver a Christian education in North Kissimmee Florida that will impact you, your child, and the world for Jesus.