Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mission Statement 

The mission of the North Kissimmee Christian School Booster Club is to provide financial and volunteer assistance to the Athletic Department for the benefit of the entire student body of North Kissimmee Christian School.



Dear NKCS Parents, 

North Kissimmee Christian School's athletic program is not only one of the finest in all of Central Florida, but is also a premiere FCC athletic program in the state of Florida. This high degree of athletic excellence, when combined with North Kissimmee Christian School's outstanding academic tradition, provides opportunities for student athletes to continue their academic and athletic careers at quality colleges throughout Florida and the United States.

This degree of success has long been our goal. North Kissimmee Christian School's Booster Club has been an important partner in the creation of the current environment of excellence and its members have been generous with their gifts of time and resources. In order to continue to improve and expand the opportunities available to our student athletes, more parents and friends will need to become involved with the North Kissimmee Christian School Booster Club.

The simplest way is to merely join, but the most enjoyable path is to volunteer your time and talents. Every parent of every North Kissimmee Christian School student can make a positive difference with today's and tomorrow's student athletes. by being an active part of your student's learning years.

Take a moment and invest in your student's future. Join the North Kissimmee Christian School's Booster Club! 


Coach Rick Johnson